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Monday, January 10, 2011


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Charles Sipe

Hi Don. I am a big fan of your blog and wanted to let you know that we added you to our Top 25 Forensics Blogs at http://www.criminaljusticedegreeschools.com/top-forensics-blogs/.

Don Penven

Welcome aboard Charles. We are very pleased to have you with us. We have some really great material that we'll be posting and knowing that folks like you and your organization are behind us is really a great motivator.

Please do not hesitate to be a regular contributor. We are always looking for fresh, innovative articles on the advances in forensics.

All the best,

Don Penven
Technical Support grpup


Hi Don, Great Blog and insight into this highly skilled field.

I will add a link to your site from my blog.




Don Penven

Thank you Christopher. Check out our Facebook page when you get a moment. Use the link above.


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